About Us


Welgate Group are the pioneers in Malayalam Video Industry in India. We revolutionized Malayalam Cinema through video copyrights, film production and distribution. Our visionary ideals provided amble guidance and opportunity to many aspiring filmmakers. Social wellbeing of Keralites was always the cornerstone of our Company and we strive hard to inculcate these values through our group business.

We are ushering in a new era of Organic products. Our mission and commitment is to provide safe and healthy food products for a better tomorrow. We take pride in our rich heritage in serving the needs of an ever-changing society for the last 36 years.


W e introduced home entertainment to Malayalee audience and have been a common household name since 1982.We had a crucial role in the growth of Malayalam Video Industry and proudly own the copyrights of 720 Malayalam feature films. We have always promoted good films keeping in tune with the latest trends and pulse of the audience. We are the pioneer in Malayalam Video industry and will continue to be the last man standing in the industry.


W ith a deep vision to revolutionize the Indian film industry and make it in par with the Golden standards set by the Hollywood Film Industry, we did a thorough study into the filmmaking as a result of which we have produced our first multi lingual movie titled “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam which is set to have a world wide release in 4 languages on 30th November, 2018. We hope to provide ample opportunities to budding filmmakers and technicians through our future production ventures. Our vision is to produce 4 Malayalam new wave movies a year from 2019.


W e have already established 185 branches all over Kerala for distribution of our organic products, Antique Furniture ,Malayalam DVD’s & VCD’s and film distribution. We hope to serve the needs of all Keralites through the length and breadth of Kerala. We invite channel partners for each branch with a minimum profit share of 18%.


We had provided transporting services to the Reserve Bank of India for carrying currency all over Kerala. Keeping in view with the development of Vizhinjam Mother Port, we have established all necessary facilities to enable logistic services ,cargo handling, warehousing, packaging and transportation.

  • WELGATE Organic Life PVT LTD

 The entire world has recognized the need to provide the citizens with pesticide- free vegetables and fruits to improve the health condition of the people. Welgate Organic Shoppe intend to make these products available throughout Kerala by establishing 185 branches all over Kerala.
W elgate Organic is the pioneer of organic business in Kerala and is a common household name among Keralites. We have already established a strong customer base and distribution network through our 185 retail outlets all over Kerala.


Welgate Impex has been at the forefront of Timber import and antique furniture export all over India. We strive to produce high quality Nilambur Teak and Rosewood Ayurvedic furniture products . We are on the verge of establishing a channel to import Organic fruits and food products and market all over Kerala through the upcoming Vizhinjam Mother Port.